Got a 6 week programme with Fiona as a Christmas Gift from my family. At the first session she did a fitness test on my strength and conditioning, 6 weeks later we repeated the fitness test and doubled all my results. I was shocked how much I improved.
I would highly recommend Fiona, if you do her sessions you will improve. 

Paul Gallagher

Having been a rather plodding short distance triathlete, I took the scary plunge to sign up for an Ironman.
Feeling anxious and lost with no idea how to start to tackle the training (both mentally and physically) I started working with Fiona.
We spent the whole winter focusing on strength and conditioning – an area I have always neglected, and the difference was huge.
Not only is Fiona excellent at what she does, she is hugely encouraging and makes you believe in yourself.
She is an inspiration to not only me but everyone she meets. I would recommend her highly to everyone, no matter how big or small your own goal is.

Hilary Glen

I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough! She is so friendly and lovely but at the same time she’s made an amazing difference to my fitness levels and strength. I’ve gone from being an unfit mummy to running a 5k without stopping ? and I feel so much stronger. Thanks so much Fiona!

Suzy O’Connor

Fiona is a very knowledgeable, skilled and accessible coach and PT. She very quickly understands your needs and capabilities, and works with you to set your goals. My programmes were enjoyable and challenging but Fiona is always available for a chat to revisit your training plan if it needs tweaked or adapted. She is encouraging, motivating, reassuring and so positive, I can’t recommend her enough!!

Celia Greg

Because of Fiona’s training plan, PT sessions, guidance on nutrition and even some sports psychology, I was able to finish, and enjoy, my first ultramarathon -something I have wanted to do for years but never thought Id be able to. Thank you!

Colin Perry

Fiona and I have worked together for the last 8 weeks. She spent time making up a great programme for me to try with 3 different sessions including a running club, HIIT and swimming.

On the third week, I came to the decision that the running club did not suit me. Fiona completely understood and amended the full programme to include more swimming instead.

I used to swim competitively when I was younger and Fiona helped me find my love for it again!

It was a pleasure working with her and I would recommend to anyone at any stage of their fitness journey!

Eva Louise Grant

I’m thoroughly enjoying my weekly sessions with Fiona. Since having my little one I’ve been struggling to get my fitness back and not making wise food choices. I’m enjoying each week becoming easier as my fitness levels increase, although I dont seem to be able to hide this from Fiona as she keeps upping the levels! My diet has improved dramatically and I am thinking about food differently. The workouts Fiona gives me for between our sessions are easy to fit in at home and I really enjoy doing them. I am very optimistic about the long term goals with Fiona and would highly recommend her.

Jenna Mitchell

I am approaching the end of my first 8-week block with Fiona and have enjoyed every minute. She’s paid attention to my goals and seems to have sussed out what makes me tic. By doing this she’s worked me hard while making it fun and I’m delighted by the results! Not only am I fitter but I have much more energy and my general health has been better. Fiona is a great person to spend time with- her enthusiasm and positivity are truly infectious. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a personal trainer.

Lesley Anderton

Highly recommend Fiona for anyone looking to increase their fitness. Ive loved her sessions; a combination of running and HIIT. Fiona is reliable, professional and super positive. I’m surprised by what i’ve been capable of, gained by her subtle, but firm, encouragement.

Islay Gallagher

I had lost motivation in exercise, like others a busy work and home life had taken over. Fiona kick strated it – she had the right combination of encouragement and energy. She approached our sessions on a personal level rather than a standard fitness session and adapted them according to progression. The sessions were hard but passed quickly and I felt so much better after. She is a friendly, approachable yet professional and I would recommend her to anyone, from all levels of fitness.

Claire Rigg

My friend and I have just finished our first 6 weeks training together with Fiona. I have noticed a big change to my cardio, strength and toning already. Fiona has a very positive way of motivating you while pushing you to your limits at the same time! This has been the kick start I needed to get back into workouts. Really looking forward to our second block.

Lindsey Mackenzie Parker