Leaving the corporate environment in 2011, Fiona built her career in mobile Personal Training around Glasgow. The business model over the years has evolved and also include HIIT, Strength and Conditioning and Endurance Sports.  

Having a passion for running, triathlon and resistance training; in addition to Personal Training, Fiona is a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Triathlon and Run Coach with personal experience in all fields.  

Fiona has a vast knowledge in periodized planning to improve overall fitness. She will provide tailored programmes with regular support and feedback on each training session. The plan will be provided through a mobile application with a variety of technical and conditioning sessions. She can also support with dietary analysis to help maximise performance and weight loss. With demanding lifestyles, Fiona understands the need for flexibility.  

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, she can provide functional exercises to help enhance performance, increase power, speed, agility and balance. Programmes can also be designed to help rehabilitation from injury* or to avoid injury during intense training periods.  

Fiona currently coaches groups sessions at Project 3 Endurance Centre. She is part of a professional coaching team developing and growing amateur to professional endurance athletes. Additionally, she can do mobile Personal Training sessions, 121 or small groups, at your home or local park.

Fiona coaches Jog Scotland Bearsden at Glasgow University , an inclusive running group for novice runners. Please get in touch for more information.

She has competed in ultra marathons, endurance swim events and full distance triathlons such as Xtri Celtman.  

*Fiona would work with your physiotherapist to enhance rehabilitation.